Sitemap - 2019 - Silicon Florist

Silicon Florist 🌹 Happy New YearÂ ğŸŽ‰

Silicon Florist 🌹 State of Startups, Portland City Council startup report

Silicon Florist 🌹 Another new VC fund in town 💰 Elevate Capital woos Bay Area startup to region

Silicon Florist 🌹 Streem acquired ğŸŽ‰Â New VC fund in Portland 💰

Silicon Florist🌹 November 2019 most popular stories and employers

Silicon Florist 🌹 Holiday sale on all job postings (plus some awesome job openings)

Silicon Florist 🌹 Puppet hosts a new generation of startups, If you listen to one podcast…

Silicon Florist🌹SXSW Pitch applications due ✍️Reactions to SheerID's $64 million raise 🤔An outside perspective on #pdx 👀

Silicon Florist 🌹 More crypto jobs in Portland?

Silicon Florist 🌹 Being a person of color in the whitest city in America, Vacasa is a 🦄, Streem awarded x2

Silicon Florist🌹 Whitest city in America, Unrated director's cut, 🦄among us, Portland Startup Week 2020

Silicon Florist 🌹 Belmont wins at BVC, New Relic's commitment to community

Silicon Florist 🌹 Founder bravado is 🐄 💩  Tech conference scholarships 💵 Declining entrepreneurship 📉

Silicon Florist 🌹Wherein I call startup stuff "bullshit" 🐄💩 and proceed to vomit 23 minutes of opinion 🤮

Silicon Florist🌹 A Kids Book About 📕 Untitled Goose Game 🐦 Portland Startup Week 2020Â ğŸŽ‰

Silicon Florist 🌹 September 2019 recap

Silicon Florist 🌹 Black Women in STEM 2.0Â ğŸ‘©ğŸ¿â€ğŸŽ“ Big news from Bigleaf 🍃 Startup mental health 🧠

Silicon Florist 🌹 Three Portland women make Inc. 100, Portland job openings

Silicon Florist 🌹 Brave Care balance, Dutchie Bros ecommerce, Built Festival growth

Silicon Florist 🌹 New leadership for Portland Startup Week, Awesome new #pdxjobs, Weekend events

Silicon Florist🌹 August 2019 recap

Silicon Florist🌹 Invest in a Portland startup, Help a Portland startup family, Change the focus of corporations

Silicon Florist 🌹 Looking back on PitchBlack, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's message to startups

Silicon Florist 🌹 (500th issue!) PIE applications closing soon 😅 Lessons from PitchBlack 🗣️ More realistic stock photos 📸

Silicon FloristÂ ğŸŽ‚Â Silicon Florist turns 12, OEBVS first class, Looming deadlines

Silicon Florist 🌹 Nat Parker moves on, PSF officially closes, Remember Calagator?

BETA TEST - Silicon Florist 🌹 July 2019

Silicon Florist🌹 PIE turns 10Â ğŸŽ‚Â A 30 second Portland filmÂ ğŸŽ¥Â Celebrate BBPDXÂ ğŸŽ‰

Silicon Florist 🌹 Confused by ReachNow? Buy local, Apply to PIE 🥧

Silicon Florist 🌹 How do you give back to the community?

Silicon Florist 🌹 WWeek on the Oregon startup ecosystem, Is VR/AR/XR Portland's next big market?

Silicon Florist 🌹 Streem one of the hottest companies in the world, OEN seeks new leader, Certifying scooters 🛴

Silicon Florist 🌹 Looking for coworking? Interested in programming for women founders? Wondering why all of my headlines are questions?

Silicon Florist🌹 Seattle visits Portland, Urgent care for kids, Next great Oregon invention

Silicon Florist 🌹 Fundraising is hard, Accelerating consumer products, New role for Jama founder

Silicon Florist 🌹 $400+ million acquisition 🤑Google's Sidewalk Labs is watching you 👀 Tracking PNW funding 💰👀

Silicon Florist 🌹 Portland Seed Fund 🦄, moovel acquires Validated, Big news from a small company 👾

Silicon Florist 🌹 Cloudability acquired, XXcelerator applications due, Survey on our community

Silicon Florist 🌹 Meet the CEO whisperer

Silicon Florist 🌹 New face at WeWork Labs, Built Accelerator? Yeah, maybe, Connecting 200+ dots

Silicon Florist 🌹 A new Blockchain venture studio appears ⛓️

Silicon Florist 🌹 Multiple companies with multiple job openings, Coworking in Tualatin

Silicon Florist 🌹 Startup Poker 2.0 🃏 Meet the PIE startups happy hour 🍻

Silicon Florist 🌹 Womens History Month recap, Design Week Portland, Latina health app

Silicon Florist 🌹 Women's History Month PIE founders 👩‍💻 Buy local 💰 Try AllGo 📱

Silicon Florist 🌹 Completing the Portland startup community trifecta, A new startup accelerator

Silicon Florist 🌹 Watch (or rewatch) PIE Demo Day

Silicon Florist🌹 Women's history month, PIE Demo Day livestream

Silicon Florist 🌹 Black History Month recap, Forbes on Oregon women entrepreneurs, State of Entrepreneurship

Silicon Florist 🌹 Lytics raises $35 mil, Crazy busy March and April

Silicon Florist🌹 Rethinking the Silicon Valley approach, Listen Up Portland, Carrying a Torch for AR 🔥

Silicon Florist 🌹 List of VC 💰 Founder mental health 🧠 Breaking down bias

Silicon Florist 🌹 Future of 1 Million Cups, How a SoCal startup's $105M round affects PDX, Koan lands Vacasa

Silicon Florist 🌹 Like a happy hour with caffeine ☕ Where seed stage funding is growing 🌱 WeWork Labs

Silicon Florist 🌹 Another Jama in the making? How to Portland Lunch 2.0, An epic Twitter thread

Silicon Florist 🌹 Janrain acquired 👀 PSF Pitch for a Beer 🍻  Shortest survey ever 😅

Silicon Florist 🌹 Engage with your community 👋 Beware the Ides of March 😱 Is VC right for you? 🔥🦄🔥