Sitemap - 2020 - Silicon Florist

Silicon Florist 🌹 Top stories of 2020, Is your startup on the list?

Silicon Florist 🌹 Crowdsourcing Oregon startups, A new VC, Oregon 10 year innovation plan

Silicon Florist 🌹 Invent Oregon lands $1MM grant, OTBC announces startup cohort

Silicon Florist 🌹 TFNW PitchfestNW 2020 winner, Job post prices, Perplexing press releases ✍️

Silicon Florist 🌹 December is pitchy, Oregon PERS, Portland Lunch 2.0 🍽️

Silicon Florist 🌹 COVID in your ZIP 📈 TechfestNW 2020Â ğŸŽ¤

Silicon Florist 🌹 Founder Gym names COO, New take on video collaboration 💻

Silicon Florist 🌹 OprahÂ ğŸŽ¤Â Angels 👼 Trust 🔗

Silicon Florist 🌹 Back to coworking? Who's hiring?

Silicon Florist 🌹 Expensify CEO email ✉️ Making supply chains transparent 🔍 BVC recap 💰

Silicon Florist 🌹 The Silicon Forest launches 🌲 Virtual coffee class ☕

Silicon Florist 🌹 Get Bumped, Google funds Workfrom, Founder Gym PDX graduates

Silicon Florist 🌹 Rolling up my sleeves, DeepSurface surfaces, Locale detail

Silicon Florist 🌹 Y Combinator alums among us, More Brave Care, In Case It Missed You

Silicon Florist 🌹 Panic releases Nova

Silicon Florist 🌹 Black Founders Matter in NYT, Historic Portland tech ban

Silicon Florist 🌹 Nexgarden film debut, IOTAS and Amazon Alexa, 31 startups

Silicon Florist 🌹 Banning facial recognition, Progress on 31 startups

Silicon Florist 🌹 31 startups continues, new jobs added

Silicon Florist 🌹 PDX investor with $50k to invest, Mozilla layoffs, 31 startups

Silicon Florist 🌹 New VC in town, Silicon Florist turns 13Â ğŸŽ‚

Silicon Florist 🌹 Supemaker accelerator, The Startup Community Way, PIE extends deadline

Silicon Florist 🌹 Pandemic layoffs, The Startup Community Way, Being a startup founder,

Silicon Florist 🌹 Starting a movement, First money in, Apply to PIE

Silicon Florist 🌹 Do. Do more. Do better. 💫 Predicting risks 🕵️‍♀️ Meet your music matchÂ ğŸŽ¶

Silicon Florist 🌹 Invest in Black businesses, Working on something new? Fallen victim to a layoff?

Silicon Florist 🌹 Black Founders Matter invests, Racism in tech and startups, Switchboard exits

Silicon Florist 🌹 Aggregated BLM calendar 📆 Workfrom Cafe ☕ Portland founder & mentor interviewÂ ğŸŽ™ï¸

Silicon Florist 🌹 A Kids Book About Racism 📚

Silicon Florist 🌹 Black tech for Black lives, Curious about Black owned businesses in Portland?

Silicon Florist 🌹 Hidden Founders, Behind the scenes with Supermaker, Goodbye Demolicious cup 🏆

Silicon Florist 🌹 Starting your startup, Simple wants to help you help local restaurants 🍽️

Silicon Florist 🌹 Let folks know you're hiring, Chatting with MilkRun and Kamber

Silicon Florist 🌹 Airbnb layoffs, Questions about PDX startups, Supermaker launches grant

Silicon Florist 🌹 OEN and Pregame, How to ask questions, Black Girl Ventures

Silicon Florist 🌹 Working from home not working? 😕  Startup founder Q&A ❓ Current state of startups 😅

Silicon Florist 😷 Community during COVID-19, Concerned about company culture? PDX startup community Q&A

Silicon Florist 🌹 Looking for a new job? Help Makerforce help others, New podcast network

Silicon Florist 🌹 Celebrating Oregon's women leaders, Stimulus package options

Silicon Florist 🌹 COVID-19 list of lists, Need positive news? Fundraising for PPE

Silicon Florist 🌹 Resources for laid off folks, PIE Demo Day, Gift certificates

Silicon Florist 🌹 Read this COVID-19 roundup and then go wash your hands 👏

Silicon Florist 🌹 Black History Month recap, PDX Startup Week canceled, Built Accelerator applications open

Silicon Florist 🌹 Teaser for the Black History Month recap

Silicon Florist 🌹 Portland IPO…? State legislature progress

Silicon Florist 🌹 Slow news week but happy Valentines Day ❤️

Silicon Florist 🌹 Startup mythology, OEN troubles, PIE Demo Day, Securing capital 💸

Silicon Florist 🌹 Apple and Square in Portland, Techstars selects Portland startups, Silicon Valley in PDX

Silicon Florist 🌹 Stories of entrepreneurs elsewhere, WeWork Labs Portland is one, Pitch Black 2020

Silicon Florist 🌹 Funding in 2019 📈 A nostalgic meetup 😢 Gumroad founder moves to Portland 🏡

Silicon Florist 🌹 Exploring founder mental health 🧠 Doing more with data 📈 Help getting started?

Silicon Florist 🌹 Top stories and themes from 2019

Silicon Florist December 2019 🌹 Two new venture capital funds in town 💰